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yTools.net - Here, you can find many tools to support image processing, video editing, PDF and Word file conversion, SEO optimization, and more. With our team of professional developers, the website brings practical tools to help you solve daily work problems quickly and efficiently.

About Us

We specialize in providing useful tools for users, with many features, continuous innovation and completely free. Hope it helps you

  • Provide website support tools such as Box Shadow Generator, Text Shadow CSS Generator, Border CSS Generator, Border Radius CSS Generator, CSS Gradient Generator
  • Synthesize tools about images like image to text, or related to seo like Submit backlink for free
  • And many more tools coming soon

We also integrate API support for customers with low budget, this feature will be implemented by us soon in the coming versions. If you have a need, please contact us to update information about the latest API



List of our current tools in use


Box Shadow Generator

The box-shadow property is used to create shadows for box-shaped elements, and works with borders, making the element stand out similar to a 3D box.


Text Shadow CSS Generator

The text-shadow property is used to cast shadows on text elements to make the text stand out similar to 3D typefaces


Border CSS Generator

To add a border to an HTML element, you use a CSS property named border, the value for this attribute you write on a line representing the desired border property, including three values in the size style color


Border Radius Generator

The CSS border-radius property is used to round the corners of an element


Submit Backlink Free

Submit 2842 Backlink Free - After placing a backlink, we often want the backlink to be indexed by Google soon to quickly improve keyword rankings on the SERPs


Image To Text

Convert images to text. Extract text from images, snapshots and other images. This free OCR converter allows you to take text from an image file and convert it to a plain text TXT file


HTML Minify

HTML Minify is a free online tool provided by the website ytools.net that allows users to compress their HTML files to optimize website performance and page loading speed.


CSS Minify

CSS Minify is a technique for optimizing CSS source code to reduce the size of CSS files sent from the server to the user's browser. As websites become more complex with diverse content, this can result in slower page loading times due to large CSS files.


JS Minify

JS Minify is a process of compressing JavaScript source code. This is done to reduce the size of JavaScript files and improve website loading speed.


QR Code Generator

Generate multiple QR codes simultaneously with our bulk QR code generator. Upload a CSV file with data and generate QR codes for each row. Save time and effort


JSON Format

Json Format is a free tool that checks its syntax, structure, and application errors and explicitly reformat the content to help you exchange and store data efficiently


HTML Beautifier

Utilize our free online HTML Beautifier to effortlessly format and indent your HTML code. Enhance code readability and save time on manual formatting


CSS Beautifier

Utilize our free online CSS Beautifier to format and beautify your CSS code. Improve readability, fix syntax errors, and create clean, well-organized CSS


JS Beautifier

Utilize our free online JS Beautifier to beautify your JS code. Improve readability, fix syntax errors, and create clean, well-organized JS


Yes most of the features are free for users to use

Currently API we will charge some small cost to maintain the system


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